SDS & Data Sheets

United Asphalt Company has been manufacturing and distributing quality roofing materials to distributors throughout the United States and Canada since our founding in 1963. Because we are proud of the products we develop and stand by them, we provide this page featuring our products’ SDS & data sheets, as a resource to our Armour Proof Coatings customers to ensure their safety and the best possible results through the proper usage of all of our products.

1000 Series – Primers/Sealers Data Sheets

AP-1100 Rust Inhibitive Primer SDS | Data Sheet

AP-1200 Single-Ply Rinseable Primer SDS | Data Sheet

AP-1300 Acrylic Primer Sealer SDS | Data Sheet

AP-1400 Silane/Siloxane Waterproofing Data Sheet

2000 Series – Mastic Data Sheets

AP-2100 Modified Liquid Rubber Mastic SDS | Data Sheet

AP-2200 Moisture Cure Polyurethane Mastic SDS | Data Sheet

AP-2300 Acrylic Mastic SDS | Data Sheet

AP-2400 Silicone Mastic SDS | Data Sheet

3000 Series – Elastomeric Roof Coatings Data Sheets

AP-3100 Acrylic Base Coat Data Sheet

AP-3200 Acrylic Roof Coating SDS | Data Sheet

AP-3300 Acrylic Roof Coating “Colors” SDS | Data Sheet

5000 Series – Low Slope Coatings Data Sheets

AP-5100 Moisture Cure Polyurethane SDS | Data Sheet

AP-5200 Silicone Roof Coating SDS | Data Sheet

AP-5300 Silicone Roof Coating in Specialty Colors Data Sheet

AP-5400 High Solids Silicone Roof Coating SDS | Data Sheet

6000 Series – Specialty Coatings Data Sheets

AP-6100 Modified Liquid Rubber SDS | Data Sheet

AP-6200 Aliphatic Urethane Data Sheet

AP-6300 Liquid Walk Pad SDS | Data Sheet

AP-6400 Skylight Coating Data Sheet

7000 Series – Elastomeric Wall Coating Data Sheets

AP-7100 Wall Coating SDS | Data Sheet

8000 Series – Reinforcement Fabric Data Sheets

AP-8100 Polyester Fabric Data Sheet

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