AP-6200 Aliphatic Urethane Coating

Product Fast Facts
Chemical Resistance
UV Stability

Description: United Asphalt‘s Armour Proof AP-6200 Aliphatic Urethane Coating is a two-component aliphatic polyester polyurethane sealer. This unique coating offers excellent chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and UV stability. Armour Proof AP-6200 Aliphatic Urethane Coating is recommended for areas on a roof where other products do not perform well and deteriorate when exposed to chemicals.

Coverage and Drying Time: Apply AP-6200 at a rate of 350 square feet per gallon @ 5 mils wet thickness, according to the substrate and condition. Pot Life: 2-4 hours, Tack Free: 5-6 hours, Recoat: 8-12 hours, Light Foot Traffic: 16 hours, Full Cure: 3-5 days

Preparation of Substrate: Surface must be pressure washed clean, free of all loose particles, dirt debris and other contaminants that could inhibit adhesion. Substrate must be completely dry. Refer to the Armour Proof Coatings Specification for detailed instructions on how to prepare the specific substrate.

Application: Application temperature should be between 45°–90° F. This product is a two-to-one mix, adding 1 gallon of Part B to 2 gallons of Part A. Once combined, mix well with a slow speed jiffy mixer until thoroughly mixed and streak free. Avoid whipping air into the coating. Improper mixing may cause product failure. Apply AP-6200 by brush or 3/8” nap roller. Too thick of an application may result in product failure. Exposure to sodium vapor lights may cause discoloration. Colder temperatures will require more cure time before recoating. When applying multiple coats, inspect the coating for contaminants and remove with detergent cleaner. When recoating, it is recommended to apply with before 24 hours passes.

Limitations and Precautions: Do not apply AP-6200 when ambient air and substrate temperatures fall below 45° F, or if inclement weather is forecasted. Do not apply if ambient temperature will drop below 32° F or dew will settle before coating is allowed to dry. Substrate temperature must be 5° F above dew point. Do not store sealed containers in prolonged sunlight. PROTECT FROM FREEZING DURING SHIPMENT AND STORAGE. Do not store material at temperatures below 45° F. It will freeze and become unusable at temperatures below 32° F.