AP-5100W Moisture Cure Polyurethane (White)

Product Fast Facts
CRRC Approval
Resists Ponding Water
Great Adhesion to Single-Ply Membranes

Description: United Asphalt‘s Armour Proof AP-5100 Moisture Cure Polyurethane (White) is a single component, moisture cure bright white polyurethane roof coating to protect EPDM Single Ply membrane, sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam insulation, metal and BUR substrates. Armour Proof AP-5100 Moisture Cure Polyurethane (White) provides a durable, seamless, flexible, waterproof membrane, resisting lateral movement, shear, and will allow for normal expansion and contraction. AP-5100W offers increased moisture protection through its lower moisture vapor permeability values.  

Coverage and Drying Time: Apply AP-5100W at a rate of 1.25 gallons per 100 square feet, according to the substrate and condition. Minimum dry mil thickness shall be 25 mils. Normal drying time is 6 hours to touch, tack free in 8-12 hours. Successive coats must be applied within 48 hours to insure proper adhesion.

Application: Apply by brush, medium nap roller or airless sprayer.
Airless spray: Minimum pump pressure 2500 – 3000 psi
Tip Size: .035”

Preparation of Substrate: Surface must be pressure washed clean, free of all loose particles, dirt debris and other contaminants that could inhibit adhesion. Refer to the Armour Proof Coatings Specification for detailed instructions on how to prepare the specific substrate.

Limitations and Precautions: Avoid moisture contamination in sealed containers. Store in a dry environment at temperatures between 40° – 100° F. KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT, OPEN FLAME OR SPARKS. USE ONLY IN WELL VENTILATED AREAS WITH PROPER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT. Avoid breathing vapor or mist.

Warranty: This product will perform as claimed if directions are followed. Armour Proof Coatings cannot control conditions of application and substrate, or methods used. This warranty is limited to replacement of the defective material used, and does not include labor or labor costs.