AP-1200 Single-Ply Rinseable Primer / Cleaner

Product Fast Facts
Environmentally Friendly
Low Viscosity


United Asphalt‘s Armour Proof AP-1200 Single-Ply Rinseable Primer / Cleaner is a low viscosity, water-based rinseable cleaner. AP-1200 Single-Ply Rinseable Primer / Cleaner is designed to chemically alter the surface of new and weathered single-ply membranes by breaking down the chemical bond of the inorganics on the surface and to increase the adhesion of AP-3100, AP-3200 and AP-3300 roof coatings to the substrate.

Application Information
Required PSI Spray Rate Gal/Min Coverage Rate Gal/100Sq.Ft. Tip Size
500 1 .25 .011 – .015
Suitable Roof Substrates Use as part of a System
Metal BUR Modified EPDM TPO PVC Concrete Masonry Stucco EIFS

Surface Preparation and Application

Remove all visible dirt and debris by broom or air blower prior to application. Armour Proof AP-1200 Single-Ply Rinseable Primer / Cleaner with a 2-3 gallon pressure sprayer at a rate of 300-400 square feet per gallon. Allow the material to stand for 15-20 minutes to wet out and react with the single-ply surface. High-pressure rinse the surface with a minimum of 2,000 psi washer, keeping the tip within 12” of the surface. Use a squeegee to push the excess water towards the drains. After the roof is cleaned, the surface will be jet black in appearance. If it appears dull and weathered, the process must be repeated. Surface must be dry before the coating application. Single-ply substrate must be coated within 5 days of this application. Refer to the Armour Proof Coatings Specification for detailed instructions on how to prepare the specific substrate.

Limitations and Precautions

Do not apply AP-1200 when ambient air and substrate temperatures fall below 50°F, or if inclement weather is forecasted. Do not apply if ambient temperature will drop below 32°F or dew will settle before coating is allowed to dry. Do not store sealed containers in prolonged sunlight. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when working with AP-1200. PROTECT FROM FREEZING DURING SHIPMENT AND STORAGE. Do not store material at temperatures below 45°F. It will freeze and become unusable at temperatures below 32°F.

Available Colors for AP-1200 Single-Ply Rinseable Primer / Cleaner