About Armour Proof Coatings

Armour Proof Coating is a product line of Elastomeric Coatings manufactured by United Asphalt Company, Inc. For nearly 50 years United Asphalt Company has manufactured Various Roofing Products from coatings, tapered insulation, and other roof system components.

Armour Proof Coatings uses over 3 decades of technology and 5 decades of roofing expertise to provide a solution to your building needs. All of our coating systems are designed for a specific purpose and different benefits. We can restore many different types of roof surfaces, such as Metal, Modified Bitumen, Built-Up Roofs, EPDM and other single ply systems. Whether it’s a lowslope or steep slope roof, we have the solutions for your roof problems.

Our reputation for producing the high quality products made to order for our customers is important to us, Armour Proof Coatings delivers a complete line of elastomeric coating products needed for every job:

  • Rust Primers
  • Single-Ply Cleaner
  • Asphalt Primers Sealer
  • Water Base Acrylic Coatings
  • Polymer Modified Coatings
  • Moisture Cure Urethane  Coatings
  • Aliphatic Coatings
  • Mastic’s (Acrylic & Solvent Based)
  • Polyester Reinforcement

United Asphalt stands for fine craftsmanship, professional service and a complete product line.